Culinary itinerary

Unique flavours made with local produce (zero mile)

Is crogoristas

“Is crogoristas” is a particular type of pasta that takes both shape and name from the rooster or chicken’s comb. This pasta is made one by one and exclusively handmade with simple ingredients like bran, water and salt to which saffron or tomato paste may be added.

Is caombas

“Is caombas” is a fresh pasta with the characteristic dove’s shape, made with bran, water and salt. It’s typically available during the Easter festivities,  and eaten with free-range chicken soup. 

The dish, which appears difficult and complex, is extraordinarily simple and unique and is particularly loved by children.

Is tallutzas

“Is tallutzas” is a type of fresh pasta which is circular and made with bran, whole wheat flour, water and salt. 

Another variation of the “is tallutzas” is made by cutting the dough in small diamond shapes. In ancient times, once the dough was cut and made into balls, housewives used to squash them into their own thigh with the palm of thier hand.

Is pillus

“Is Pillus” made by kneading whole wheat semolina with water and salt. When the dough reaches the right malleability and firmness, it is stretched and cut using “s’arrodixedda” (an utensil made with a small wheel). 

In Masullas’ tradition “is pillus” were dressed with a tomato sauce made with rooster or chicken. 

Il melograno di Masullas

The presence of pomegranate in the Mediterranean coastal areas is dated since the prehistoric period, and historically it appears to have arrived in Sardinia with the Phoenicians. For many centuries, Masullas’ area known as “is ortus” has been the location of a very important pomegranate orchard, due to its particularly fertile soil served by an irrigation network of ancient water channels coming from the Sa gioffa spring.

In Jewish symbology, this fruit is the symbol of honesty and fairness as the fruit should contain 613 seeds such as the rules written in the Torah (365 prohibitions and 248 obligations), and by following them, it is possible to retain a wise and equitable behavior.