Geological Complex of “Su Columbariu”

The mountain crag of “Su Columbariu” is the main southerner access route for those who are attempting to reach the heart of Monte Arci. 

This limitless crag, which in some spots almost reaches one hundred meters in height, is literally riddled of caves, holes and recesses of every shape and size: these are in turn so-called tafoni, typical trachytic rocks, eroded and shaped by meteoric agents.
In this environment, typical rupicolous species only succeed in vegetating if able to adapt their survival in extreme climatic conditions and if able to withstand strong winds, prohibitive water shortages and high temperatures. The main plant species that can be found here are prickly pear, blue borracina and the endemic Sardinian-Corsican gorse.

The relief plain of Su Columbariu extends to the south till the hillock of the nuraghe “Su Para” and it is interrupted by gullies known as ‘Sa pitziatroxia’ and ‘Su canali de Genna ‘e Acedda’, which stand out for their luxurious vegetation, which is filled mainly with olive trees.

Near the main crag ‘Su Columbariu’, the spring ‘Mitza de su Columbariu’ flows: starting here and travelling along a steep and curvy road with eleven hairpin turns, it is possible to get to the Campuanni Plateau, where it is possible to admire a magnificent scenery which extends to the Gulf of Oristano. 

Going uphill to Campuanni, reaching 450 mt above the sea level, it is interesting and not to be missed  the slide “Su Caba Caba”, a rock with natural slipway which was unmissable fun for children and youngsters from Masullas, who for centuries went to the basaltic plateau to cut wood.