The churches in the Masullas’ area define the history and the tradition of the village. Their visit brings you into a journey throughout the centuries and a fascinating immersion in Marmilla’s architectural work.

St. Francis’ Church

St. Francis’ Church, built together with the homonymous friary, has the same features of the seventeenth-century Sardinian Capuchin monasteries.

St. Leonard’s Church

St. Leonard’s romanic church is the most ancient religious building in Masullas. There is no documented research about its construction, but it is dated around the XIII century.

St. Lucy’s Church

The St. Lucy’s Church, the second oldest church in Masullas, has been built in the XIV century. During this time, St. Lucy’s Church was the spiritual hub of a small suburb beside another one next to St. Leonard’s Church.

“The Glorious’” Church

The construction of the parish church, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Graces “The Glorious”, dates back to the beginning of the 1500’s and it took place in different periods throughout more than three centuries. 

Capucchin Monastery’s

The Monastery of the Minor Capuchin Friars and the adjacent St. Francis’s Church were built around the 1648 (and no later than 1663, 20 Capuchins’ Monasteries were founded all over the island).