“The Glorious’” Church

The construction of the parish church, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Graces “The Glorious”, dates back to the beginning of the 1500’s and it took place in different periods throughout more than three centuries. 

The work of the current facade started in 1694 by the master Salvador Pilloni, expert in stone building from Cagliari. He completed a plateresque style decoration inclusive of floreal decorations, animals, human faces and a small female figure sculpture. His work was completed in 1722. His beautiful work been defined as “the most beautiful between the churches facades existing in Ales-Terralba’s Diocese”.

On the eastern side of the church, the bell tower can be found. The bell tower was built by the master Lorenzo Frassettu between 1810 and 1814, to replace the old campanile on the opposite side, beside the sacristy. This bell tower is one of the highest ever built in Sardinia.

Inside the church, there is a single nave, covered by a barrel vault. On both sides, there are three chapels, due to being built in different periods, they present different styles and decorations. Sculpted floral decorations and crests can be found In the capitals of the pillars at the entrance of each chapel. 

In the chapel of the Glorious, an altarpiece made in 1676 by the painter Mattia Angelo Canopia can be found: its main icon is the Glorious Virgin of the Graces.
In the chapel of the Rosary, a wooden golden sculpture of the Virgin Lady of the Rosary by a neapolitan atelier from the first years of the 17th century can be found. The canvas, which illustrates the “Virgin Lady with the souls of the Purgatory”, dates back to 1837 and  it can be found in the homonymous chapel, and was created by the Gonnosfanadiga’s painter Giovanni Battista Sitzia.