“Sa Perda Sperrada” (The ckarcked stone)

The territory in Masullas’ municipality is part of the Park of Monte Arci, established by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia with L.R. n. 31/89 and extended over a territory of 11 municipalities. This territory is also part of Area n. 1 (Monte Arci) of Sardinia’s Historical and Environmental Geographical Park, recognized in 1998 by UNESCO as site of international importance and declared it the world’s first park of the world network of geosites and geoparks. Various geological and landscape features of Monte Arci are located within the territory of Masullas, including “Sa perda sperrada”, “Su columbariu”, “Sa perda sposa”, “Su carongiu de fanari” (natural monuments, etc.).

Sa Perda Sparrada”, literally meaning “the cracked stone”, is a typical example of erosive action by atmospheric agents. It is a particularly rounded basaltic block perfectly split in the middle dividing it in two equal parts, the given effect is that it literally looks like it has been “peeled as an onion”. The water, the interchange of warm and colder weather over centuries shaped this stone. 

Geologically it is a boulder of volcanic origin: perhaps an accidental boulder, a volcanic bomb or an undersea lava outcrop.

On “Sa Perda Sperrada”,  popular fantasy created the legend of “Su porcu de Luxia Arrabiosa” (The pig of Lucy the angry): its main character was inspired by a legendary woman, who angrily and tirelessly searched for her sons who had disappeared in the plateau of Parabanta (between Morgongiori and Pompu). In a fit of rage, Luxia kicked the pig, dividing it in two and petrifying it. Another version of the same legend narrate that Luxia Arrabiosa’s pig was struck by lightning, giving origin to this geological site of rare curiosity and beauty.