The “Botanical Garden of the essences of Monte Arci”

Masullas’ “Botanical Garden of the essences of Monte Arci” is an important reference point and primary attraction for all things preservation, protection and dissemination of some of the most important and remarkable features of a naturalistic area of relevant value which is the territory of Monte Arci.

“The Garden” aims to achieve another important goal: re-qualify and enhance an area of historical and artistic value into an Environmental Area of absolute excellence at regional level. 

The Environmental Area, in fact, perfectly combines the exhibition of minerals, rocks and fossils available in Monte Arci’s Geo-Museum (located in the adjacent former Capuchin Convent) with the flora and plant essences existing in the same territorial complex.

The natural vegetation of Monte Arci is rich and varied: these variations have been verified and are subject to the combination of different parameters, such as altitude and exposure, climate, geomorphology and pedology, as well as interconnection with presence and human action.

Vegetal essences, which compose Monte Arci’s flora, and which are proposed in the “Botanical Garden”, have been verified after in-depth bibliographical research, detection and confirmation by direct investigations in the field.